The Best Crepes in Town

The Food

The Signature Crepe

We offer a unique dining experience through our signature dish – crepes! Our crepe is a very thin cooked pancake made from flour, egg, and water. Whipped up in under 4 minutes on a hot plate, this dish can be filled with an array of fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy, made-to-order, satisfying either your sweet or savoury crepe-ings.

The savoury crepe

The savoury crepe is one of our most popular dishes. The batter is cooked first, and whilst still on the hot plate, your favourite veggies and proteins are placed on top, allowed to steam with the aromas sinking into the crepe. Your meal is then wrapped up, served straight from the hot plate, ready for you to bite into so you feel the crunch before that burst of flavor.

The sweet crepe

Our sweet crepes are a popular go-to dessert and sometimes even a meal. The batter, once cooked, is lathered with your base of choice – Nutella, in-house white chocolate and milk chocolate spreads- which are then topped with nuts, fruits, or brownies- you choose! All while it’s still on the hot plate before being wrapped and served hot.

The Signature Blend

Designed to complement the ingredients in our crepes and items in the thoughtfully curated menu, the signature blend was developed by cocoa experts. Served hot or cold, this one’s a top seller! You can savour our tantalising, rich cocoa flavour in-store or on the go!


Spruced up with a hint of fruit, a touch of mint leaves and some zesty bubbles, our mojitos are the perfect thirst quencher for when you’re in need for some refreshment!


Sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up, whether its in the middle of the day, in the evening, or as a boost to start off a crazy work day. We use home-grown Sri Lankan coffee to satisfy your craving for caffeine, ensuring taste, quality and strong beans bound to wake you right up!



Crepes are the core products of Crepe Runner and we believe if we tried to be known for everything, there would not be anything to make Crepe Runner unique. Taking a stand as the best crepes in town makes sure we are unique and specialized for what we are known for. 


Our branches are in strategic locations. Ample of parking space and easily accessible as they are on the main road. Customers have the option to order online through our delivery partners. We are available on famous food delivery platforms such as PickMe Food & Uber Eats. Every branch is located within 8-10km in radius. 

Value for money

A usual dine in concept crepe or waffle will cost Rs. 800 but Crepe Runner serves more generous crepes loaded with quality toppings and serves in an innovative packaging for a very affordable price. Customer perceived value is immense when compared to the cost they have spent. The capacity to increase prices in the long run is also permissible as our products value remain on the higher side. 


Answering phone calls, emails and customer queries happens in real time. Usually it takes 1min and 50 seconds to make a sweet crepe. Our ordering system is simplified that we use portable point of sales machines with thermal printers. The ordering process to a finished product with packaging happens in quick progression. Our crew members are highly trained and efficient. Our team consist of young vibrant individuals who are both distinctive in communication skills and quick order processing. 


Street food in Sri Lanka lacks hygiene but we have mastered the best possible ways to maintain hygiene levels as per the requirement. All our branches are certified by the local Public Health Inspector. This element makes us stand ahead from our street food competitors as many cannot obtain those certificates. Customers require hygiene products and we make sure we serve it precisely as it is our responsibility.

Service and Experience

Customer experience is the key attribute of Crepe Runner. Our crew members of the outlets would greet and give attention to every customer, even on a busy tough day. The service starts from online channels of contact to the store front. The service is informative as sometimes our team members would even go to the extent in educating the customers about the product. Customer orders will have sudden changes and amendments as of their allergies. We at Crepe Runner will make sure that all the order details are met and delivered with extra care. The goal of customer service is to make people more comfortable with our business. Part of that is communicating with customers on channels that they prefer to order on.

Brand Loyalty

Crepe Runner is brimming with customers who are loyal to the brand and act as advocates of the brand. The chain is massive that our content is reshared via social media platforms. Customer testimonials offline and online mostly consist of 5-star reviews in platforms like Google, Facebook, and other magazine articles. Crepe Runner has been featured in the local newspapers as a trendsetter and disruptive business which is customer centric and gives a mouthwatering experience for the customer. The TV show, Food Factor aired on HITV portrayed the brand as the best street food experience as crepes were outclass and delightful.

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